Hiroshi Tamaki's OFFICIAL FAN CLUB "HEARTLAND" privacy policy

K DASH Co., Ltd. (afterward the "Company"), which operates and manages this site and the OFFICIAL FAN CLUB "HEARTLAND" (afterward the "Fan Club"), recognizes the fact that private information is important to the privacy of the member and that the Company does the best in order to observe the laws, the Company's policy, and protect the member's privacy.
The Company will prepare necessary rules and systems within itself in order to observe the laws applicable to the protection of private information.
The Company uses the private information of the member only for the purpose that it informs. The Company will not provide the third party with the private information of the member without his or her consent in advance or legitimate reasons.
The Company will properly and carefully manage private information. The Company will take necessary measure to protect loss, destruction, change, and leak of private information.
The Company will sincerely respond to the inquiries or display of private information requested by the member.
This Agreement is originally written Japanese, and this translation is provided only as an aid to assist members in the ordering process. If any differences or contradictions exist between the Japanese and the translated versions of this Agreement, the Japanese version takes precedence.
This Web site and Fun Club are serviced by a server within Japan and operated and managed according to Japanese law. Please be aware in advance that any disagreements will be handled under the sole jurisdiction of the Tokyo District Court.

Regarding handling private information

When the Company requests the member to provide or use his or her private information:
The company will inform the member the purpose of use of his or her private information and will not use it for other purposes than informed.
If the Company needs to use the private information of the member for other purposes, it will contact him or her beforehand. If the member does not want to consent to the Company's request, he or she has right to refuse it.
Purpose of use
Purpose of use
The Company uses his or her private information such as name, address, telephone number, birth date, sex, occupation, and e-mail address provided by the member for the following purposes only unless stated otherwise.
  1. To mail the member's ID issued by the Fan Club or its bulletin.
  2. To confirm the reservation for an event to be held or mail tickets.
  3. To confirm the purchase of goods and mail it.
  4. To confirm the registration for various membership services.
  5. To announce information such as showing movies, sale of goods, providing services related to Hiroshi Tamaki by sponsors other than the Fan Club.
  6. To request questionnaire researches related to the above sale, the offer of services, development of new products and mail gifts to the member in appreciation of his or her cooperation.
Regarding providing the third party with private information
The Company will not provide the third party with private information except for the following cases:
  1. When the member agrees.
  2. When requested by the laws.
  3. When it is necessary to do so in order to protect one's life, body, or assets without the member's agreement.
  4. When the Company entrusts someone with handling private information as long as the agreement allows.
  5. When the Company provides banks with private information when charges for goods or services are paid through the credit card system.
  6. When the Company has to cooperate with someone, being entrusted by the central or local governmental institutions, who performs his or her duty according to the laws and furthermore, when getting the member's consent makes the performance of duty harder.
  7. When the Company is succeeded due to its merge, division, or transfer of operation.
Regarding inquiries of private information
If the member wants to correct or change his or her private information, or request us not to use his or her private information in our hands, or other request, please use the following e-mail address.
Upon confirmation of the member's identity, the Company accepts such requests, so that the Company can protect the member's private information to be exposed.
Inquiry e-mail
December 20, 2009
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