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Copyright, etc.
"HEARTLAND" (afterward the "Site") is operated and managed by K DASH Co., Ltd. (afterward the "Company"), which is entrusted by AOI CORPORATION. Inc.
The member shall consent to the following:
Escape clause
The copyright of written materials, photos, illustrations, videos on the site, programs, etc., (afterward the "Contents") of the Company shall belong to the Company or its related companies. Copying, selling, publishing, changing, or renting to the third party, distributing the Contents without the copyright holder's consent are prohibited.
Old or wrong information may appear on the Site, though the Company tries to confirm and pay close attention to the information best as it can beforehand. Nevertheless, the Company shall not liable for its accuracy, so that the member uses it on his or her responsibility.
The Company shall not liable for any damage or loss brought about (whether directly or indirectly) by the usage of the Site by the member, or by any defect of the Site, or because the Site is not available.
The Company shall guarantee neither the accuracy, nor the lawfulness of information provided by the sites linked to the Site, nor the quality of goods available on that linked site. These linked sites shall be managed by themselves, not by the Company. The Company shall not be liable for the problems that the linked sites brought about.
Change and deletion of information
Information provided on the Site may be changed or deleted without notice.
This Web site is originally written Japanese, and this translation is provided only as an aid to assist members in the ordering process. If any differences or contradictions exist between the Japanese and the translated versions, the Japanese version takes precedence.
December 20, 2009
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